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The 5 Best CPU Air Coolers to Buy

When you plan to customize your own gaming machine and need a robust computer that performs great and has better storage ability so you can enjoy your professional gaming skills, you can’t just rely on the normal cooking fans available on the market to keep your desktops cool as you work. These coolers may be suitable for desktops with normal usage, but since we are talking about the gaming machines of 2019, you can’t rely on anything than the top CPU coolers.

Now that you are sure that you need the best CPU cooler to keep your gaming desktop working well while you enjoy your game, choosing the best one for your desktop may be a tricky choice as the options are many. But, what’s even confusing here is that the cooling devices are available with different technologies – Air cooling and liquid cooling.

So, before you start your hunt to buy the best CPU cooler online, it is very important to know everything about the coolers, their features, where to place them and everything else you’d want to know. These all-important questions without a simple answer, but the required knowledge is the key to make a smarter choice.

So, we bring to you the detailed article where we will describe everything about the CPU coolers and also display the list of top 5 gaming desktop CPU coolers online. Let’s get started!

What are CPU Coolers?

The CPU cooler is the fan that you would have surely noticed on the top of your motherboard. It starts as soon as you hit the ‘On’ button of your desktop. CPU Coolers, or central processing unit coolers, are designed to remove the excess heat generated by computer components. The CPU coolers ensure that your computer maintains an acceptable temperature because too much of heat may be harmful and may lead to damage your desktop’s motherboard or other components.

Naturally, more powerful computers require more powerful coolers. If you’re looking for better overall performance, a good CPU cooler is a necessary investment. And if you are looking for the best gaming PC, then the best CPU cooler is nothing that you can compromise with.

While most of the latest computer components are manufactured with heat reduction technology, but there is a lack of effective ways to remove all the generated heat without a separate unit. This is why you need the CPU coolers, to throw the access heat out of your desktop.

Types of CPU Coolers

Unlike the old days, CPU coolers are not just those same fans that would work as exhaust fans to throw out the access heat out of your desktop CPU. They, now come with better technology. Hence, there are two types of CPU coolers available on the market:

Air CPU Coolers

This is the most common form of CPU cooling, which you would have always noticed on the traditional desktops. Air cooling utilizes CPU fans as exhaust fans that fans work alongside a heat sink. The heat sink on your computer’s motherboard absorbs the heat from critical energy-producing components. The air CPU coolers kick in to dissipate the heat and provide ventilation.

Air CPU coolers may be traditional, but they are the preferred method for the vast majority of users.

Liquid CPU Coolers

If you are not too much into the computing thing, then you may be a bit surprised with this type of CPU cooking technology as water may damage the motherboard. However, liquid CPU technology is the top preferred one, especially when it comes for better performance and when you are using heavy machines. Not just they are designed to deliver better cooling performance, they are much quieter, and as an added bonus liquid cooling setups just plain look cool. But it’s essential to know that liquid cooling isn’t necessary for everyday users. It is designed only for the power users and overclockers as they are probably going to want the extra heat reduction, which is only possible with liquid cooling technology.

Some people may claim that liquid cooling is more maintenance heavy as they are prone to rust and/or leakage over time. However, the fact is totally opposite to the claims. Most liquid CPU coolers are closed looped systems and the liquid is made to last until the pump goes out. This means you need not to worry or change the liquid itself.

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