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Best DDR4 RAMs To Buy For Gaming PCs

Best DDR4 RAMs

Random Access Memory (or RAM) is one of the most important components of the desktops. And when we are talking about gaming PCs, it’s probably the first thing that comes to our mind as this has a direct relation to the performance abilities of your gaming machine. Without the right kind of RAM or enough memory, you’ll eventually run into some kind of slow down, which of course is never a good idea for your gaming experience.

As the game continues to expand and before increasingly layered and complex, so is the demand for more memory, which makes it essential for the gaming enthusiasts to have the best RAM for their gaming PCs. Luckily, we’ve seen a significant price drop both for storage and RAM in the past year or so. This means you can now easily upgrade your gaming desktop with a latest and better memory option.

But the most common problem that people face these days is finding the best fit for their gaming PC because of lack of information regarding the RAM. Do you know the answer to these questions: what is RAM and why does it matter? Of course, not!

Well to make a few things clear, RAM gives your computer the power to efficiently bounce between tasks. For example, if you are browsing the internet, watching a video and also downloading a task simultaneously, it is very important for the desktop to have a great ability to be multi-tasking, which allows it to move from one task to another quickly. By shelling out for the best DDR4 RAM, you can easily launch new applications and switch between them without facing any glitch in performance.

How to Choose RAM for Gaming PC?

Similar to choosing any other component of your gaming PC, it is essential to be a little biased when looking for RAM because this is what defines the ability of your desktop to perform while you enjoy the games. Here, we will discuss how to pick an optimal DDR4 RAM configuration for your PC and what to look for in a DDR4 RAM.

  • Capacity

This one is pretty straightforward when it comes to the desktop RAMs. The capacity of your desktop RAM is the key aspect to consider when shopping for it, but how much RAM do you really need?  This may be the biggest challenge for professional gamers to calculate the memory they need for their gaming PC. For a gaming PC running with a 64-bit operating system, 8 GB of RAM is an absolute minimum. And if you are looking for the options available with 4GB memory, then it is going to be too little to comfortably run Windows simultaneously with a more demanding 3D game. For the comfortable and glitch-free gaming experience, 16 GB of RAM is a fine choice.

Of course, RAM also comes with higher memory capacities like 32, 64, and 128 GB, but they are reserved for other kinds of computers.

  • Clock Speed

This may be something that not everyone is aware about. The modern DDR4 RAMs support clock speeds from 2133 MHz to over 4000 MHz. So, you need not to worry about the clock speed of the RAM when you are planning to buy DDR4 RAM for your desktop. Of course, the performance is going to be different with 2133 MHz and 4600 MHz RAM card, but none that would adversely affect your gaming experience. But, it is smart to give more priority to memory over clock speed.

  • Latency

CAS Latency (or CL) is a stat that was more commonly used and important in the past than today. CL represents the time required for a command issued by the CPU to be received by the RAM module. However, in today’s time you need not to worry about the latency because the RAMs come with automatic technology, making it less important.

One RAM or Many RAMS?

This is very common concern that people face these days as the modern desktops come with multiple RAM slots. This is why many people ask themselves the question: “should I get a single RAM card or get a kit?”

Frankly speaking, there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these options. If you choose one RAM, then you can easily upgrade in the future and if you have multiple RAMs, your desktop will keep running even if one of them stops working and a replacement will be cheaper. Choosing multiple RAMs offer more benefits such as lower latency and slightly better performance.

Top Gaming RAMs:

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